Matt Breuer

Matt was born in Roseau, MN, grew up in Thief River Falls, and resides in Bemidji where he owns and operates Northcountry Guide Service and Promotions (

¬†Matt was a lucky kid, growing up on or near water. Needless to say,¬†he started fishing at a very young age. As a child¬†he rode bike or walked a couple hundred yards to fish the¬†river¬†where¬†he grew up,¬†and he’d venture to guess 25% or more of¬†his childhood was spent in or on that river. When¬†Matt was a teen,¬†his residence had switched from a small river up north to a huge lake in central MN, and¬†his obsession grew.¬†Matt’s dad booked a guided trip for¬†him on the¬†Taneycomo while they were on vacation in Branson, MO.¬†It was an¬†amazing experience, and that¬†was the first time guiding entered¬†his mind. Nearly 20 years later, here Matt is, 10 years into a guiding career filled with great stories, amazing friends from all over the world, and loads of memories.

¬†Water fished varies greatly, as¬†Matt loves to travel to chase species not available to¬†him locally. Everything from Canadian lake trout in the dead of winter, to North Dakota catfish on the mighty Red River on blazing 90 degree days. Sturgeon on the Rainy River, and white crappies and bullheads in southern MN. While guiding, Matt¬†spends a large portion of¬†his time on Lake Bemidji, or on one of the 400 lakes in the Bemidji area chasing walleyes. On days off, away from guiding or fish house rentals,¬†he’s typically found on some backwoods lake on his Arctic Cat chasing brick bluegills. “I’m blessed to be able to wake up and choose from 15 lakes within 10 minutes of home, and to have so many little untouched gems in my backyard…”, says Matt.

¬†Matt’s motto’s in ice fishing are to be mobile and precise. There’s nothing¬†he loves more than taking¬†his Arctic Cat through the fresh white powder onto a lake that hasn’t seen rubber. Drilling out 30-50 holes, and just working it over.

¬†When¬†Matt’s not on the water or ice, you can find¬†him working shows for companies like Vexilar, Clam or Lindy, doing seminars, or at home hanging with his wife and 2 kids.