The Mission of Ice Team

We were there at the beginning of the Ice Fishing Revolution™ . . . because we helped start it, and we are cutting no corners to ensure the sport continues to grow. We plan to do this through education and fun--which in turn provides ice anglers of all skill levels something they can embrace.

No one has done more to advance the sport of ice fishing than Ice Team.  Since 1997 our Pros have come up with every significant ice fishing method and refinement in history, starting with Dave Genz and the Clam Fish Trap and the Vexilar flasher.  And today our Pros and staff continue to blaze new trails.

But they always circle back to shore to pick up anybody who wants to learn.  This season, Join the Team™ and tap into our Pros’ knowledge.  Let them provide you with up-to-the-minute, cutting edge advice and resources you won’t find anywhere else.

Our number one goal is to educate and be that resounce for all anglers, no matter the age or skill level. Novices, Experts, Kids, Families, everyone and anyone who is or wants to be a part of ice fishing... We Welcome You!



LEARN about the latest in ice fishing strategies and equipment:

  • Ice Annual: Read the world’s most widely distributed ice fishing publication, full of timely and relevant information for the ice angler.
  • Digital magazines: Read the cutting edge content from these monthly online magazines.
  • Instructional videos: Learn from the experts on everything from equipment to locating fish to the secrets of mobile ice fishing.
  • Fishing reports: Get weekly fishing reports submitted by the Ice Team Pros, covering the entire ice belt.
  • Across the Ice Belt TV: Watch webisodes of our Ice Team Pros in action on the ice.
  • News: Keep up on the latest news and appearances of the Ice Team.

your passion with other ice anglers:

  • Forum: Share your questions and get in on all the discussions. And watch for the Ice Team Pros to join in every week.
  • Member input: Post pictures and video from your fishing excursions and share them with other members of the ice fishing community.
  • Social Media: Ice Team Facebook, Ice Team Instagram, Ice Team YouTube and More!

MEET the Ice Team Pros in person:
  • In-store appearances: Meet the Ice Team Pros in retail stores during the ice season.
  • On-ice events: Meet the Ice Team Pros at all various on-ice events throughout the season.
  • Consumer shows: Meet the Ice Team Pros at shows like the St. Paul Ice Show, Milwaukee Ice Show, Hard Water Ice Expo and many others.
  • Tournaments: See our Tournament Pros in action on the ice.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Team, and get in on all the excitement.

We look forward to having you on the team!

Matt Johnson
Ice Team Manager

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