Scott Brauer

Hometown: Gasport, NY

¬†Scott is¬†fortunate to be able to fish all throughout the ice belt, but his home waters are the fingerlakes of Western New York.¬†He is¬†also nestled between lake Erie and Lake Ontario and both offer great back water fishing during certain times during the winter. As you can see, within an hour of¬†his house¬†are an awesome variety of fish species and water types to choose from.¬† For¬†Scott, to choose a favorite fish to target is not possible, whatever¬†he is¬†fishing for that day is¬†his ‚Äúfavorite‚ÄĚ.¬†He can make it to great fishing; Trout, Tiger Muskies, Pike, Walleye, Bass or awesome Panfish in two cups of coffee.

 Favorite first Ice: Well it depends wherever first ice is within 4-5 hours, Scott will be there.

Favorite first ice lure/bait: Anything that can be fished fast and furious and a white Maki plastic.

Favorite first ice water: Shallow basin perch and deep weed gills.

 Favorite mid ice: Scott mostly begins to fish hatches during this time, blood worms/shrimp.

Favorite mid ice lure/bait: Scott keys on match the match lures during this time, drop shot and downsize as needed.

Favorite mid ice water: Deep weed edges and transition corridors.

¬†Favorite last Ice: Lake ‚Äúthis place is awesome‚ÄĚ Champlain.

Favorite Last ice lure/bait: Green\motor oil  Wiggli.

Favorite last ice water: Shallow weeds, and transition areas between spawning beds and feeding grounds

 Favorite rod/reel: Deep water is a Dave Genz True Blue UL 24.

 Favorite shelter: Clam, ProTC for comfort and Kenai for sight fishing, Base Camp if you are taking kids!

¬†All of this said, Scott’s favorite thing to do during the ice season is to open up peoples minds and lives to this great sport. If¬†he’s not fishing,¬†he’s talking about fishing with individuals and groups. Once the ice is safe, GET OUT¬†THERE and enjoy the beauty that God creates for all of us during the winter months!

 If you have any questions please feel free to contact Scott at